Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes - GUARANTEED!

We’re Looking For Smokers That Are FED UP and ready to QUIT  
With Our..... ‘QUIT CIGARETTES IN 60 MINUTES' Program. 

That's right, if you live more than 80kms from our Albury Clinic you will get $100 cash back to cover your fuel and travel expenses.

Due to Covid-19 we are only seeing our clients at our Covid Safe Clinic to keep everyone safe, this means we can't get to Wagga or Griffith so we will pay you $100 to come see us.
All You Need To Do Is:
  • Be over the age of 18.
  • Smoke at least 10 cigarettes per week .
  • Have a willing to report back 6 months after the program has finished with your success story.
  • Want to look, feel and smell better?  
  • Love to have more energy?  
  • Be prepared to save thousands of dollars every year?
This proven system makes Quitting Smoking EASY! Join with over 2,000 people who have Instantly Quit using our lifetime guaranteed method:

Remove The Triggers
  • Disconnect all the connections you once had with cigarettes
  •  Break the habit and take back control
  •  Create new beneficial habits for life
Become Smoke FREE
  • Change the thoughts about cigarettes
  • ​Become a non-smoker rather than an ex smoker (ex-smoker has temptation to go back)
  • ​Our Non-Smokers never look back
Improve Your Health
  • Lay the foundations for health and lifestyle improvement forever
  •  Advice on meals to avoid weight gain
  •  Breathe fresh clean for life
What Are You Waiting For?
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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
Cherie Davis
I feel more relaxed now that the session has finished than when I first arrived. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Thanks Wayne!
Sandra Denniss
It was awesome, Wayne has now made me a NON SMOKER. The power of his voice will stay with me forever and in turn give me the power to be the non smoker I am now.
Carol Collins
I know it works and I feel much happier. I have been putting off giving up for to long & I thought it was to hard but it’s not.
Robyn Hulley
I now am a non-smoker and will breath fresh air for the rest of my life. I believe that my specialist has succeeded in reaching the depth of my sub-conscious to create change and has encouraged and empowered my conscious mind to take control of a healthier and more rewarding life. Thankyou so much. xx
Andrew De Jong
I was surprised and impressed how easy I was hypnotised in this session and the power of positive suggestion.
Troy Nelder 
A very easy to follow and well presented service I felt that I had the best Hypnotic session ever.
Karin Tremonti
I am a non-smoker and will breath fresh air and live to 87 thanks to todays session.
Amy Souchack
I found the experience very relaxing and truly felt myself change my thoughts about smoking, it's like I have never smoked in my life. Amazing!
Geoff Gray 
WOW! I found the experience that I went though today was very positive and the Hypnotherapy very relaxing and the whole session will change my life for the better, both health wise and financially.
Brandon Rawnsly
I was too weak to give up on my own, I needed help and glad I did because now “I AM A NON-SMOKER FOR LIFE” thanks to Quit In 60 Minutes and their program. 
Marlene Jessup
I felt comfortable and confident within a few minutes of starting the session. My specialist empowered me with the decision-making. I am a non-smoker and I enjoy breathing fresh air!
Danielle Lopez
When I smoked, I spent a huge amount of time thinking about how much I wished I didn't smoke. Fully 16 of the 26 years I spent staring down the length of a lit cigarette were unhappy smoker years. Now I am free and happy.
Annette Witt
Smokes ruled every part of my day-to-day life. Now I am a non-smoker I can enjoy playing with all my grandchildren thanks to this system.
Steven Woods
I feel that I can use the suggestion given to me anywhere or anytime to remain a non-smoker.
Mario Zuccarini
I have never felt so relaxed as I was in this session; I was taken to places in my mind that I thought had gone. All this and the feeling of having never smoked.
Lesley Wood 
Very relaxing and confident I am feeling after my session. I don’t have any smoking urges either. Great!! Thanks
Steve Gallagan
It made me realise that smoking is a subconscious not a physical problem. This enables a person to become a non-smoker thru their own mental Power.
Jacqueline Watson
Wayne provided me with the determination and will to become a non-smoker forever. I have tried it alone and have had to accept that I needed help. Now I don’t because I am in control more than I ever have been before.
Lindsay Hill
I am glad & happy about using this program, was a bit sceptical but I knew I was a non-smoker when I opened my eyes. Thanks heaps Team, you ROCK!
Carmen Morris
I believe and know now that I will never smoke again. Great Service and I highly recommend..
Jason McNolty
Freedom from an all-consuming habit. No long feeling like a social outcast. I now have just given myself a $6,000 dollar a year pay rise, YES!!
Debbie McAllister
I feel motivated and have a very positive out look to life free of cigarettes I feel I can achieve so much more.
Suzanne Jones 
It was a pleasant experience has given me more courage to face the world
Lynita Nicol
I needed help to make me stop smoking forever, this session has reinforced things that I knew about smoking but was unwilling to accept. At all times I was comfortable and in control and leave a non smoker thanks to Wayne.
Kate Jenkins
I tried literally everything and almost gave up on giving up. Since I had tried everything else, I figured I had nothing to lose, so I made an appointment. It’s been 47 days today, a HUGE achievement for me! I just know I’ll never smoke again!
Ben Wright
I will have achieved my goal and made myself and those close to me happy. I have improved my health going forward and my girlfriend will be very happy. This was an easy and fast way to get results I needed for me.
 Sudarshini Nguyễn
I was worried that it wouldn’t work for me but it’s just been a breeze! No cravings or anything even while on holidays! My main issue with other methods was that the cravings never really left so it has been a huge relief with the hypnosis that they have disappeared.
Sharyn Cilicaitoga
I felt comfortable with the process. My specialist explained in detail what was going to happen & with their guidance I AM NOW A NON SMOKER FOR LIFE. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to contact Wayne to stop smoking.
Ambar Nadilo
I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of being here and I am now definitely a non-smoker and will be recommending this to all my family and friends.
Alex Smit
Now that I have quit cigarettes forever I’ll be more productive at work, live a healthier life. Save money to invest for myself my daughters Kerrie and Bruce’s son Benjamin.
Brooke Mullavey
I felt tired & unhealthy before I came here. After, I felt better about myself for doing this for me and no one else. Three cheers for me & a big thankyou to Wayne.
Janene Watson
Wayne re-enforced the reasons I do Want/need to stop smoking and how much I’ve abused and poisoned my body for so long. It opens up many opportunities feeling healthier and wealthier.
Kevin Hensel
I am now a non-smoker!!! The air will smell cleaner and the food taste better. The system is relaxing and no means no nasty chemicals (pill and patches etc) will needed to be used I AM A NON-SMOKER.
Xavier Trollope
Very Relaxing and soothing, I found it was all explained to me very well before starting by Wayne, as I was a bit Nervous. I will be recommending it to my everyone that is “trying to quit smoking”.
Deb Lemke
Thanks Wayne, fantastic, feeling great. My child will have a mother for life. I am a non-smoker and I breathe fresh air YEPPIE!!!!!
John Bradbury
This was the extra trigger I needed – Thank you so much, you have supplemented my thoughts and I now know that smoking is over forever.
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